What is Rumbo?

Misión Rumbo

We are an association dedicated to promoting science, innovation and technology, through research. With almost 17 years of experience in the educational sector, we have led projects and initiatives that contribute to institutional construction and cooperation as a bridge between academia and the public and private sectors. Through our four lines of action, we have articulated multiple national and international institutions, promoting cooperation for research and strengthening the processes of social appropriation of knowledge.


We are an academic network of Higher Education Institutions and Research Centers that answer to the needs of society through transversal and interdisciplinary investigations aimed at innovation, science and technology. We identify key actors, to make a synergy between associates, the private sector and public entities, regional, national and international, to boost the impact of their projects and get funding.

Qué es Rumbo


Our goal for 2023 is to be the Academic Network recognized in Colombia for connecting innovation, science and technology projects that solve the needs of society based on investigation and development.


Gain reputation in the public eye, government and the industry, as well as associates and strategic allies by solving society needs through qualitative and quantitative investigation in innovation, science and technology.

Our Team