Strategic Plan

Work Axis


Academic Investigation with real world applications
We support and encourage inter-institutional investigations in their academic and scientific work, so they have the facilities necessary in their methodological development. We also look for the means to develop greater application of the obtained results.


Library Potentiator
We host projects, meetups, events, workshops and training so our libraries have a greater impact and can better their services and stay up to date. We develop inter-institutional agreements to strengthen our network alliance.


Agreements with economic benefits
We find tools, software, and technological resources that facilitate the work of our investigation groups through agreements and block negotiations with economic discounts for our members.


Projections aligned with the 2030 Agenda

We structure projects based on the Sustainable Development Goals to support our associates and the country reach the goals of the 2030 Agenda through alliances, both international and interinstitutional.


Identify and execute new opportunities

We identify opportunities to develop projects between academy, civil society and the public and private sectors, on issues of economic recovery after the pandemic, inclusion, sustainability and innovation.

Target Audience

Publico Objetivo