Library Network

An integrated search engine of catalogs and repositories from our universities

We created the Megabuscador Rumbo, which will help you access all the bibliography resources in our network. This tool makes the work with the Universities easier. Click here.

We implemented the interlibrary loan services through an online validator that allows students, administrative teams, professors and investigators from any member university to easily access bibliographic resources from the institutions.

If your university is part of this project, all you need is your student ID card to access the service. Click here for more information on how to implement this service in your institution.

Learn more about the Interlibrary Loan Service

We created a portal to access the scientific, academic and administrative production of our member institutions. This, in order to maximize their visibility and impact online, in accordance with our common policies and procedures.

Click here.

We provide training and tools that better the service provided by the libraries from our member institutions. With the ever changing dynamics of the university communities and the trends from the Centros de Recursos para el Aprendizaje y la Investigación – CRAI.

We host events with heads of departments to learn about their recent experiences in the management of institutional libraries. This is a way to generate new connections between our associates, who get to share with their equals and grow together.